National Teams

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Red Oak FC (Ernesto Valverde) 6 November 2019, 16:22
I know other people have posted ideas about this, so if this is repetitive, please say so. I was thinking that since we have national teams, they could be managed and there be a world cup. I know that people think it would add more games and things like that, so here was my idea.
Every 4 weeks/seasons, there is a World Cup. Managers can get invited from countries based on their vifa rankings. National Players would take a leave from their club like in real life, while playing for their national team. For the top-league clubs full of national players, only 1 or 2 players from the club to go for a game at a time. There could be one round per day, so that only some clubs lose a player or 2 at a time. The clubs could be either compensated or only have to pay a reduced salary to the player. If a team has say, 3 English players, only one of those players would be called up for the respective game. I am not sure about the energy loss, would welcome feedback on that.

Vissel Kobe (Thorsten Fink) 20 January 2020, 20:07
that's a great idea

FC Viitorul Constanta (Gheorghe Hagi) 21 January 2020, 17:17
That would bring a new level of competition to the game.
It should also have an U21 competition