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Capitol United FC (Teo) 24 May 2020, 23:13

AFC Weasel (Pete White) 24 May 2020, 23:30
Capitol United FC wrote:
Quarantine is boring, I'm gonna make some banners and logos. To anyone interested, use the request template below and I'll try to get as many done as possible. Been out of the game for a minute now but I'm back so let's get down to business.


Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color(s): Black
(Accent Color(s)): Gold
Images/Graphics: AFC Bournemouth badge with AFC Weasel and maybe a cartoon weasel on.
Other Requests: Take your time bro, much appreciated.

First come first serve!

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PSV Eindhoven FC / YCFC
Stalybridge Celtic
Bexley FC
Plummer FC
Vortex FC
The Plummers
Celtic Roar / Reading City FC
Eaglescliffe FC
team rockettttt
MSD FC Hoddesdon
Spartan Legends
Hertslepool United
Hufflepuff Hotspur
Partridge Green FC
Fox Valley FC
Rängers Football Club
Derry City FC
Ardmore Rovers
Manningham FC
Weather Goat Walks F C
Saints Club
FC Millwall
Tracys Treats
Pringle Park
FC Thorshammer
Lillois du Nord
Krasniy Partizan
Team Aries

Team Aries (Schubert) Crew 25 May 2020, 07:57
Capitol United FC wrote:

Thank you so much! I love your style! smiley

Capitol United FC (Teo) 26 May 2020, 01:26

AFC Weasel (Pete White) 26 May 2020, 07:47
Bang on mate ! Love your work, thank you so much.

Top Sport (Jusse) 26 May 2020, 16:14
I have changed my club name and are searching for new logo and banner.

I already have the logo here and I am just hoping I can get the logo as the picture shows, so that I can use it smiley

Capitol United FC (Teo) 26 May 2020, 16:16
Can you use the request template? Just makes it easier for me to know exactly what you want. smiley

Primary Color:
Secondary Color(s):
(Accent Color(s)):
Other Requests:

Top Sport (Jusse) 26 May 2020, 16:22
Primary Color: The logo in the same green as in the link.
Secondary Color(s): "top sport" in black
(Accent Color(s)):
Other Requests:

Hope this will do it smiley

Capitol United FC (Teo) 26 May 2020, 23:15

Top Sport (Jusse) 27 May 2020, 08:35
Thank you! Looking very good smiley