35 seasons

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Bradford P A (michael hirst) 23 May 2020, 10:49
35 seasons before I can upgrade my training ground if I keep making a profit of 200k a season

Yep. That is why you need to flip players to get anywhere fast in VM.

I noticed that you have no players on the transfer list. Since you have at least STF with trainers, you can probably flip players alone using the transfer list and not having to constantly work the Auctions.

I stopped flipping players in the auction when I had the same training facility as you. At that point, I just started buying players at a good value in the auctions, putting them on the transfer list at a higher price, and training them up until somebody bought them. Doing this won't win you any titles because your roster will be changing a lot. But, you will earn $ much faster.

I would also try and invest more in better players. The better the player, the more profit you can earn on them.

Or you can do it like this guy:
I did a softer version and still got the same results and some of the players bought at that time are still on my squad now preparing to break into first team.
It's what i reccomended since the beginning for faster tf upgrade starting on stf. But also a little warning, by december we'll see a flood of the market with 24yo trained on higher tfs and a decreased demand so imo the prices will crash and the transfer numbers also. Be prepared for a stagnant TL after that. So if you wont get to ETF or higher by then it will be harder to do as it will take more time. It's what I'm preparing for, getting to WCTF while keeping the first team in 2nd division to earn me money as time will be tough with a slow market.
Most everyone will have already trained most of the replacements for the first team by then especially in the first 2-3 divisions with little exceptions for the ones that went the stadium upgrade and older team to win money via stadium income and abandoned the tfs altogether. I think that will get a lot more profitable in 6 months.