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Arsenäl FC wrote:
Kiwi Sails wrote:
I had both Grealish and Son on my bench. I have more points on my bench than my actual team. Lol.
You're kidding right? Why is Grealish and Son on your bench? If you have players like them, you should be definately playing them no matter the opposition.
No I'm not. Luckily Grealish got auto subbed in. Son was injured so I didn't play him.

Manningham FC (HD) 5 October 2020, 10:54
Arsenäl FC wrote:
A special mention to Hertslepool United. Well done James. A lovely weekly score of 103 points though you did get a bit lucky grabbing those 15 points from Jorginho from the bench.
Pretty happy with my return of 75 but down to second now smiley