Trading question.

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Arsenal RB (Ryan Barton) 13 October 2021, 18:06
I haven't played in 3 years and player values seem to have changed a lot. What's the best way to flip players now for a decent profit? Overall rating 50+ as well as value/training? I'm seeing players in their late 20s who are in the 40 overall ratings being sold for 1c which definitely wasn't a thing 3 years ago. Also seeing a 28 year old who is rated 45 with a value of 10k credits which is very new to me.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks smiley

Edit: I usually don't trade young talents, I used to mainly trade people aged between 24-29, thanks!

The Goon Squad (Vinny) 19 October 2021, 17:25
Best way to flip hasn't changed much, if at all, buy as cheap as you can, and transfer list for a profit without robbing yourself or being greedy, then wait for your players to sell