Mood overview

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Dartford YMCA (FranTiiQue) 26 March 2022, 20:21
It'll be extemely helpful to have a 'mood' overview page of all of your players. The benefit of this would be to be able to predetermine when a player is going to that their mood downgraded from not getting match time, rather than looking at individual players profile.

This would be extremely helpful in avoiding training percentage decreases from unforseen mood drops.


Coptic Titans (Papyrus Skeptical) 3 April 2022, 18:44
Hi Fran, This facility already exists follow these instructions below

1 - Go to your Clubhouse page which is the page you are automatically taken to upon logging in.

2 - look on your left hand side under overview and click players this will show all your players then hoover over each of the faces this will at a glance inform you of your players mood with 7/7 being happy then with each declining level out of 7 the less happy , however for a full picture you have to see each individual players page for border line mood swings . Also you get notified at the bottom of the training page when a player mood goes down a level by a percentage figure which will effect that players next training session if not rectified through playing games .