Its time to go

Rasmus Rønn Nielsen, The Dudes 15 May 2013, 11:04

Two months ago I informed you that I had decided to leave Virtual Manager. Back then I really hoped we'd be able to complete the new match simulator before I left. We fought diligently and I postponed my "expiration date". As you know we're still not done and now I cannot stretch it any further. Today is my last day at the office so this'll be my last blog post. The other developers will of course continue their work on Virtual Manager.

I've already described why I leave so I won't repeat that here. In short, it is naturally sad to say goodbye to "your baby". But at the same time it is incredibly exciting to start a new life chapter. I've got so many ideas I want to try out :-D

I still haven't decided what I exactly want to work on next. I believe spending some time completely clearing your head before looking forward is very important. That why I'll take a much needed (and well deserved? ;)) vacation. The really great ideas/insights come when you are relaxed and not looking for them.

No matter what I'll probably do something game related. I'd very much like to make games with more lively graphics (compared to the text based Virtual Manager). Either for tablets or PC/Max/Linux. Also, I'd like to learn how to make awesome game graphics by drawing/designing. I've already started practicing a little :)

If you want me to update you with my future escapades, please use one of the following:

Thank you all for playing. I wish you all the best for your future Virtual Manager endeavours :-)