Rebalance: Prizes for cups and achievements

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 25 April 2017, 13:45

Even though I said in my last post that the only thing left to do was implement all the changes in Project Rebalance, we actually found a couple more things to rebalance.

National cups

Currently, the prizes for the national cups are just fixed amount that were chosen more or less arbitrarily many years ago. This means that the prizes in many cases do not match the true difficulty of the cup.

As part of the rebalance, the prizes for national cups will instead be calculated every Monday night, when the cups start.

The prize sums for national clubs will be calculated based on the 128 strongest clubs in each cup. For the strongest cup, the prizes will look like this:

First place875.000 C
Second place825.000 C
Semi finalists, losers750.000 C
Quarter finalist, losers575.000 C
8th finalists, losers250.000 C

The prizes for the other cups will ve a percentage corresponding to the relative strengths. For instance, if cup's strength is 50% of the strongest cup, then the prizes will be 50% of the amounts above (but always rounded off to the nearest 25.000)

As you can see, there will now also be prizes for the 8th finalists.


"Congratulations on making it all the way up to where you are the 10th best club in the entire game! You have really earned this extravagant prize of a staggering 7,500 credits! Don't spend it all in one place."


As this example shows, many of the rewards absolutely do not correspond to the magnitude of the achievement.

Therefore we've gone over all of the rewards and increased them significantly for most achievements. Obviously, the rewards shouldn't be excessive or make up too much of a club's economy, but they should still feel like a worthwhile bonus.

Of course there are a small number of clubs with such incredible sums in their bank accounts that even the new rewards won't be significant to them.

We will not award the new prize amounts retroactively for achievements you've already got.

Release date

If everything goes to plan the Rebalance will be released on Monday, May 15th. This may still change, of course.

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