Perseverance gets an additional role

Bubbles, FC Sunnyvale Developer 20 June 2017, 15:00

Right on the heels of the Rebalance we've now got a bunch of minor updates for you today.

Perseverance gets a new role in the match simulation

Until now, the players' perseverance has only been used in case your team is behind in the match. A high perseverance will lessen the negative effect that players get when your team is behind.

Today, we have added another effect to perseverance in addition to the existing one.

In the future, the two teams' relative perseverance will determine how large the home advantage is.

Until today, home advantage has just been as follows:

  • 10% home advantage at league matches
  • 2% home advantage at cup matches
  • No home advantage at friendly matches

From today perseverance will be crucial in determining the home advantage. The more the home team's perseverance exceeds that of the away team, the greater their home advantage. However, if the away team has more total perseverance than the home team, they can reduce the home team advantage or even completely eliminate it if their perseverance is really superb.

  • The home advantage starts at 5% (1% in cup matches) if the two teams have exactly the same total perseverance on. It rises if the home team has more perseverance than the away team and falls if the away team has the most perseverance.
  • If the home team has 2x (or above) as much perseverance as the away team, then the home advantage is 10%
  • If the away team has 2x (or above) as much perseverance as the home team, then the home advantage is 0%

It is your players' total perseverance that counts. That way, we get the effect that your players with high perseverance can inspire the less enthusiastic ones. Obviously, only those players currently on the pitch are taken into account.

The captain's perseverance is doubled, so now it becomes even more important to have a captain with good mental abilities.

In this calculation, all players in the match simulator get a base perseverance of 10. Thus, if a player has 2 perseverance, it will be counted as 12 in the match simulator. Base perseverance is added because otherwise there would be huge fluctuations in the lowest leagues where players have very low abilities. Without adding base perseverance, an otherwise insignificant difference of 1 or 2 in perseverance would have a huge effect. Adding base perseverance also gives us the effect that the mental game becomes more important, the higher you advance in the leagues.

We hope that this addition will give you managers more to mull over when your plan your training and decide which abilities to prioritize.

Larger broadcasting rights payments

It has never been the intention that broadcasting rights should be a huge increase in the clubs' revenues.

Broadcasting rights are intended as a tool in the Rebalance toolbox, with the specific purpose of helping to balance revenue levels in the different leagues as described here - which it does.

However, there are some managers who have the impression that broadcasting rights don't really mean much because the amounts aren't exactly staggering. However, because broadcasting rights are a brand new extra income, which adds up over time, we need to be careful not to overdo it.

Nevertheless, we would like to try to make broadcasting rights an income that you will be happy with when it lands in your account each week. Therefore, from today we have increased broadcasting rights amounts by 66%. One week's broadcasting rights should now be equivalent to about half to a full average match income for your club.

Age and mood in the tactics editor

So that you can better plan your matches and accommodate players who may not have received very many matches recently, we now show players' ages and mood in the tactics editor.

In addition, we've also added player remarks in the training exercise editor.

Short list increased to 100 players

As I've mentioned before, the rebalance has resulted in far more player trades being completed than before - and some managers are watching so many potential recruits that they are running out of places on the short list.

Therefore, the short list can now accommodate 100 players.

In addition, your comment on each player has been made more visible, and therefore no longer requires you to hold the mouse over the player to read it.

You can no longer transfer list players with less than 5 trainings

It doesn't make sense that you can put a player on the transfer list before he has completed the 5 trainings that are required before he can be traded.

Some managers use this a kind of free advertising for their newly acquired talents, but it's annoying for those looking for players that they can buy here and now, either through the scout or through the transfer list search.

Therefore, you can no longer put players on the transfer list before they have trained 5 times.

This change only applies from this point forward, so players who are currently on the transfer list with less than 5 trainings will not be automatically removed.