Scouts/Trainers Wanted?

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Deleted club 19 March 2010, 10:33
as this not players forum i thought make this topic cause for looking for staff

post good coaches and good scout here

if you searching for staff memeber post here how much you willing pay

Deleted club 19 March 2010, 11:03
if I find any im keeping them for myself!

Deleted club 19 March 2010, 20:43

Deleted club 30 March 2010, 16:03
Scouts are easy to find... I got a whole list of them if i'm in need of an extra one, but if you look at the information about my club, then I got plenty of staff smiley

Deleted club 1 April 2010, 11:10
and her example more money does not mean better coach

20 outfield

all rounder

youth 19/20 18k sign on fee

Deleted club 2 April 2010, 22:20
Scouts... http