International Forum Rules [Please Read]

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Dinamo Rosyth (Ryan) Forum moderator 13 September 2011, 16:05
The following rules apply to all forums which carry the International tag.

Topics and posts which breach these rules may be moved, edited, locked or deleted without warning.

Serious and/or repeated contravention of these rules may result in fines and/or forum bans being issued.

Make sure you read and understand the rules. Ignorance is no defence!

NB. All topics locked in International will be moved to the Locked Threads section. If you notice that your topic has disappeared, it is advisable to check here first to see if it has been locked and, if so, why.

NB. Although these rules do no apply to privately maintained forums, the Game Rules still do! As such, the admin team reserve the right to take appropriate action when the Game Rules are broken in a private forum.

Dinamo Rosyth (Ryan) Forum moderator 13 September 2011, 16:05
The International Forum Rules

Section 1 - Conduct

1.1 - As per Game Rule 2.1, condescending remarks and personal attacks are not allowed.

1.2 - Be mindful that Virtual Manager caters for a wide age range. Make sure that your posts will make appropriate reading for users of any age. Swearing, for instance, will not be tolerated at any time.

1.3 - As per Game Rule 7.2, publicly accusing other managers of breaking the game rules is forbidden. Instead, you must use the Support System (Cheat Reports & Sanctions) to report suspected cheats!

1.4 - Please refrain from disrupting the forums, spamming, trolling and flaming at all times!

1.5 - The Official English Forums are designed to be a public resource. All topics should be open to all users. Private discussions, and those which are designed to exclude certain users, are therefore forbidden. If you need to send another user a direct message, use the mail system. If you cannot, because you have been blocked or they only accept mails from friends, it is not acceptable to send them a message by posting a topic or comment in the public forum.

Moderators reserve the right to use the public forum to send messages to individual clubs, however this is unusual and will continue to be kept to an absolute minimum.

1.6 - Users must not disclose personal information (photographs, location, names etc), including that which has been found on other internet sites (Facebook etc), unless permission has been sought from the owner.

1.7 - Racist remarks and ethnic slurs are strictly forbidden. This includes the promotion and/or advertisement of organisations known to hold and promote racist views (e.g. The English Defence League). Racist comments will incur an instant forum ban without prior warning.

Dinamo Rosyth (Ryan) Forum moderator 13 September 2011, 16:05
Section 2 - Content

2.1 - The language of the International Forums is English. Posting in other languages is forbidden.

2.2 - All topic titles must be relevant to their content, must not be written in CAPS and must not contain excessive punctuation. Offending topics will be renamed. Repeat offenders will have their topics locked.

2.3 - Please ensure that you are posting in the correct section. Topics placed in the wrong section will be moved without warning. Users who repeatedly post in the wrong section may have their topics locked.

2.4 - Duplicate topics (those that are identical or very similar to a recent existing one) will be locked without warning. To avoid creating duplicate topics, please check the first few forum pages, highlighted topics and the FAQ before posting. This is especially true if the nature of your topic is an ongoing gameplay issue affecting a large number of users or a very common enquiry as it is very likely that a topic already exists.

2.5 - Although many game and forum issues can be dealt with here, please consider carefully whether using the Support System or Bug Reports section would be more appropriate before you post!

Dinamo Rosyth (Ryan) Forum moderator 13 September 2011, 16:05
Section 3 - Advertising

3.1 - The advertising of user-run forums, leagues, cups & competitions must only take place in Off-Topic.

3.2 - The advertising of players who are for sale/on auction must only take place in the relevant Player Sales forum. There are specific sections dedicated to 15 year olds, players aged 16-22 and all other players.

3.3 - The advertising of external websites, businesses or products must only take place in the Off-Topic forum and permission must be granted by a moderator before posting. The posting of links to external sites within the context of an ongoing discussion requires no prior arrangement, however moderators reserve the right to remove links to offensive material or content which may otherwise breach the Forum or Game rules.

Dinamo Rosyth (Ryan) Forum moderator 16 December 2011, 15:26
These rules have been amended.

Reason for amendment:

Users are now permitted (on a trial basis) to advertise internal pages (those on the Virtual Manager domain) within the Off-Topic forum. Users no longer have to advertise internal pages exclusively on the Links Page.

Amended rule:

3.1 - The advertising of user-run forums, leagues, cups & competitions must only take place in Off-Topic.