Planned changes for employees

Liam - CM, FC Apollyon Community Manager 26 May 2023, 18:10

It has been a while since there has been a blog update.

There is not always something to be talked about publicly, but there are always discussions and development going on behind the scenes. Most recently, we have decided what can be done to change the employee system right now and this is what we will explain in this blog post.

Why this solution if there is a long term plan?

The future plan of a complete rewrite of the employee system, which we have talked about in the past, is a much larger and more complex task that requires lots of time, tests and feedback. This is why we are talking about a solution here and now, which will tackle many of the issues that are being talked about today.
We have followed the situation for a while and the discussions that have taken place. We have therefore also been talking a lot about it internally.

What is the solution then?

There are multiple aspects that will change. Some have more influence on the individual manager than others, but in general it is a huge boost for every manager.
The list of changes, are as follows:

  • Trainers are created with higher abilities
  • Trainers are never created with 20/XX/20, 20/20/XX, 20/20/20 (Youth players, Coaching keepers, Coaching of outfield players respectively). They will be able to have a maximum of 20 in one of these abilities
  • Employees are created at a random time after their retirement
  • An employee cannot be fired in the first 7 days after his employment

The biggest change will be that, what are referred to as, 20xx20 or 2020xx trainers will no longer be an possibility.

It is considered bad game design when there is only one choice that is the ultimate best choice, whether it is a weapon in an FPS game, a technology or perk in a strategy game, or a certain build in an RPG-game. When it is possible to hire the ultimate best trainer, then all other trainers will be considered useless, and then we might as well just abolish the employees abilities altogether, and leave all trainers the equal.

With the new changes, there will be more trainers with better abilities, but none with the absolute best abilities. If your priority is youth players, then perhaps you should bet more on a trainer with 20 in youth players, than 20 in coaching of outfield players training. A trainer with 20 in youth players and 19 in coaching of outfield players training is therefore a good coach who is suited for most managers.

There has been an understanding that only the best trainers could be used, but with these there will be a wider range of trainers that will be worth hiring, and as a manager you are forced to make choices based on your own priorities.

We have previously written about the employees and their abilities and which influence they have. You can find the information here: information about Scouts

When will changes go live?

We have not yet set a date, since we still want to see some feedback on the changes before we commit to all them.

Where can we give feedback?

Feedback can be given here: Feedback: Planned changes for employees
Keep the feedback constructive and respectful