Employee changes, part 2

Liam - CM, FC Apollyon Community Manager 2 June 2023, 08:24

Thank you for all the feedback after the first announcement about the planned changes to the employee system.

In our previous blog post, we came up with a draft of changes that was intended to improve the employee system in a quick way, here and now, instead of having to wait for the bigger rewrite.

We read a lot of the same feedback that explained that we would just push the problem and a new one would arise in the long run. After the weekend, we talked together about the feedback and whether any other solutions had been given. Many of the ideas were far too large and complex, and would require major rewrites, some others were more of what could be used for a short-term solution.

There were one of the ideas that met the criteria that allowed it to be able to be implemented quickly, giving a significant improvement here and now, and at the same time fit into the future plan for the employee system in general:

We are removing the employee search, and instead your assistant manager will find the staff.

The idea is a micro-version of the major rewrite that we have already planned, in that sense that we simply add one of the aspects from the larger solution.

The idea is that you send your assistant manager out to look for suitable employees, as we know it from the talent scout who goes out and look for players. When he returns, you have a number of offers (e.g. 5-6 offers) from different employees who want to work in your club.

The offers that come back will be reserved for your club for a while so others will not be able to grab him before you get the chance.

You will still be able to link to employees, to possibly hear if he is good for your purposes, or whatever else it might be. You will not be able to hire an employee from his employee profile if you do not have an offer from that employee.

The assistant manager will search from a pool of the best employees. For example, when searching for trainers, he will only look for those that have a total of at least 45 in the most frequently used attributes (Youth players, coaching keepers, coaching of outfield players respectively).

You will be able to send your assistant manager out once a day.

When are changes coming?

As with the last blog post we also want feedback on this solution.

Where can we give feedback?

Please provide your thoughts on this solution here: Feedback: Employee Changes, Part 2.

Keep feedback constructive and positive.

Many things can still change. This means that many of the explanations can be changed moving forward. This is the basic idea for the change.