Friendly matches

You have the opportunity to invite other clubs to play a friendly match.
Friendly matches can help test the strength of your team or your friend's team. They also have other benefits, like:

  • You can use players that do not normally play in your tactics and raise their mood points
  • The home team gets the income from tickets - less than a normal league or cup match

To invite a club to a friendly match go to the club's profile. In the left bottom corner you will find a "Friendly match" button.

Note: You can only contact clubs if the club manager allows friendly match invites in their settings.

When you click the friendly match button you will be redirected to a page that will ask which of the squads you want to use and challenge. You can write a little note to the other manager if you want to. When all is ready click the "Send invitation" button

The club that invites another club will play on their home field, while the opponent will choose the match day.
As the challenged club you will be able to either accept or deny the request.

You can only play one friendly match with each squad each day.