Trainers can be used to boost your training. You can apply one trainer to each of your training groups.

You can find scouts yourself by going to Clubhouse > Staff > Staff Search.

As with all employees, trainers have a number of abilities. However, only three of them can have an impact on their efficiency.

  • Youth players: Applies when training players aged 23 years and under
  • Coaching of outfield players: Applies when training outfield players.
  • Coaching keepers: Applies when training keepers.

For all of these, higher abilities means higher training efficiency.
To get the most out of your trainers, make sure that their attributes are higher in the respective positions.

When you have hired a trainer you will be able to create training exercises for your players. To Create an exercise go to Training > Exercises > New Exercise.

Trainer 1

You will need to name your exercise, choose an exercise routine, which trainer you want to assign and the intensity to use.
When done hit Save and then you can assign players by dragging them to the group*.

Trainer 2

Your players will then be trained by the chosen trainer, in the specific training exercise.

** *Your trainer can be used on your senior squad and youth squad at the same time.**

Note: Virtual Manager Premium license is required to use trainers.