Scouts/Trainers Wanted?

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Lateside united (KK) 18 August 2022, 22:35
Spent hours looking for 20 youth 20 outfield i give up

East Dene Utd (Kenni82) 19 August 2022, 00:09
I'm the same can't never seem to find the 20 20 youth and outfield. Can always see good keeper trainers or just good first team trainers its like they have been removed or lowered the count of how many are created. Thi k when my trainers are gone I'm going to just make do without the trainers

Derby Boyz FC (azz) 19 August 2022, 10:23
Dont give up lads ive found 2 this week

East Dene Utd (Kenni82) 19 August 2022, 19:09
How? What's the trick to finding them. I think something should be done about it. I dont think anyone should struggle to get a few 20-20 trainers

A Tribe Called Quest (xx) 19 August 2022, 19:24
It’s such a terrible system, takes far too much time to find them imo.

AppeLLate (Serkan Şimşir) 26 August 2022, 21:44
Can you please gift me vm pro or vm premium? smiley

FORTHEWIN (Ryan Thompson) 10 September 2022, 12:13
AppeLLate wrote:
Can you please gift me vm pro or vm premium? smiley
Pay for it it's not expensive

Olympiakos Chania (kampanis) 13 November 2022, 18:27
I am looking for a trainer with 20 youth 20 outfield , or a good trainer with 20 youth and 19 outfield, i cant find! Please help me

Rookery Park (Matt Colley) 13 January 2023, 13:01
My staff are running out of contract if anyone wants to keep tabs on them

Aiki FC (Andrew) 24 January 2023, 18:58
40 year old trainer


just become available