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Coptic Titans (Papyrus Skeptical) 16 February 2020, 14:23

I do not like the idea of paying 12 months in advance or paying over £ 5.00 for one months WM Pro perhaps a compromise of 3 months for £ 15.00 makes it more affordable to customers.
Onto ideas as an incentive for WM Pro subscribers why not offer free pitch upgrades to the level of your main stadium saying that we the customers have already paid around 15 million credits for top level pitch and perhaps a free 3,000 seat stadium as well or instead of making youth teams only available for WM PRO subscribers.

Yutani FC (Kaede Yutani) 17 February 2020, 15:20
Make Youth Squads an expansion single payment feature. (Then the old boys who doesn't want youth squads would be able to simply not get it, and carry on as usual).
Make "New Features" available to PRO subs sooner, but give Normal Premium Subs access "relatively/realistically soon after". --> Early Access for new features/Beta spots included in a Pro Sub.

After thinking alittle, I have to agree with the person who said that, "we've been waiting for years" on youth squad, you can't just suddenly put up a paywall when we're FINALLY getting to see the feature be implemented. It just sits poorly with me.

Its super convenient for you to just make youth squads an extra feature you have to pay more for, rather than a normal premium feature, if you get what I mean. It's kinda lazy, and if done this way, should be communicated waaaaaay ahead of time.

We've waited forever, now that you've gotten to the point of release, you can't just "oh by the way, we're making a new tier of subscriptions and you can only access the content by upgrading."

I mean you "can" but that's not great PR.

It'd make more sense if you offered us an "expansion pack" like, for example, various MMORPG's does, where you pay for the expansion, a single payment.

That could work too, and it would let people choose for themselves if they even "want" the youth squad feature.(I get the feeling not everyone does? Even if I myself am super hyped for it).

Hmh.. Unless you make it timed I guess.
This train of thought goes like this; For one year, VM Pro(the new tier sub) is what gives access to youth squads. But after this year, you roll out a new feature(something substantial mind you...) and that pushes youth squads to the normal subscription plan, while VM Pro users get to experience the new feature for a year, rinse repeat.

In that sense I guess I could respect it, since it's both a promise of new content and development, and a way to support the game.

So gradually, both subscription plans get more content, just, not at the same pace.
Pro users would get access sooner, but maybe that also includes a secured seat at the closed beta, so VM Pro subs also commit to help out making the feature work as intended bug free.

This way, when the normal subscription plan users get a final product from day 1 it's made available to them.

VM Pro gets early access but have to participate in beta bugs and what else it entails in wonky experiences.
Premium subs get the same thing, later.

I'm just using "a year" arbitrarily, I'd obviously prefer it being 3 months maximum, but since VM's staff is as small as it is I can see there being limitations. smiley

This way VM Pro will give you something alittle ahead of time, but you also support the game with higher price and participation in beta's(obviously not everyone will be as productive, but hey, nothing's perfect). And those who does not care, can stay on the normal sub plan, and not be excluded from the game and what it has to offer entirely, they'll just get access later(albeit a more complete product).

SuDoku AFC (Howard Garns) Crew 21 February 2020, 21:09
SuDoku AFC wrote:
I still think that multiple clubs would be a good thing - so long as there are blocks to prevent trading and entering the same League & Cups,
and I've always thought that creating youth players - with the chance of gaining a substantial benefit if you're lucky enough to get a SuperYouth (or two!) - is as close as you should be to "only selling opportunities; not results".
As they have no bearing whatsoever on "daiiy play" I would have them in the Pro subscription - for sure.
and thinking a little bit more about this, you could increase the number of youth players available from
5 per week to 1 per day - use them or lose them - which would encourage everyone to log in at least once a day even if they have auto-training enabled smiley

FC Sunnyvale (Bubbles) Crew 24 February 2020, 13:38
Once again, thanks for all the suggestions.

As I mentioned in the latest blog post, Youth Squads will not require VM Pro. So, once Youth Squads are don, I'll start looking into what kind of package VM Pro will be, and your suggestions will come in very handy.

For now, I will close this thread so I can focus fully on getting Youth Squads out the door.