Free The Moose


Club name Free The Moose
Manager Ian Lockey
Vifa rank #262Change_up31 (Vifa points: 59558)
Training facilities Professional training facility4Gold
Physio facilities Vman lab
Total player value 127,784,673 C
Last online About 2 hours ago

Match statistics

Form: L-W-L-W-W-W-W-W-W-D

Matches 23
Undefeated 0
Friendlies 0
Wins 14
Draws 4
Defeats 5

Top scorers

Ermend Balla 15 goals
Hyun-ki Byun 10 goals
Michael Cruyff 8 goals
Rasto Riszdorfer Silver 4 goals
Orlando Naval 1 goals
Eduard Lydecker Silver 0 goals
Vicente Lianos 0 goals