Virtual Manager has a volunteer Crew consisting of a number of selected managers. The overall goal of the Crew is to increase the enjoyment of managers as much as possible for everyone.

There are different groups within the Crew, each with their own set of responsibilities.

  • Community Manager: Responsible for the communication between the management/developers and the users of Virtual Manager. There are also other tasks, such as overseeing the crew, hiring new crew members, help in support cases that are elevated by the Crew, and other less visible administrative tasks.
  • Bug-moderator: Their task is to evaluate bug reports and change their statuses.
  • Cheat Hunter: Their task is to prevent cheating by checking the trades our system detects as suspicious and assessing whether cheating was involved, after which they decide what to do about the trade.
  • Spam-moderator: Their task is to check reported messages and see if there is a breach of the rules.
  • Ombudsman: Their task is to deal with appeals from clubs that have received a price adjustment, a fine, or a ban. They assess whether the punishment was properly handed out or whether it is a mistake.
  • Support: Their task is to handle support cases and ensure that they are sent to correct crew.
  • Image-validator: Their task is to approve or reject applied for logos and banners.
  • Name-validator: Their task is to approve or reject applied for club names.
  • Forum-adminstrator: Their task is to keep track of the official forums.
  • Forum-moderator: Their task is to help forum admins keep track of forums.