Physio Departments

From time to time players get injured or they get tired.
It is the job of the physio to help to heal them or replenish their energy.

There are 5 types of physio and each one does a slightly different job

  • Massage Therapist (Cost 100,000 Credits)
  • Physiotherapist (Cost 250,000 Credits)
  • Doctors (Cost 1,500,000 Credits)
  • Specialists (Cost 3,000,000 Credits)
  • VMan Lab (Cost 6,000,000 Credits)

It is not possible to "skip" upgrades, therefore to get to Vman Lab you would have to start by purchasing Massage Therapist, then Physiotherapist etc.

When you upgrade your physio you still retain the benefits of the lower facility, so for example, a Vman Lab still has the benefits of Massage Therapists, Physiotherapist etc.