Youth squad

Clubs with VM Premium or VM Pro license can create a youth squad. You can create it by going to the overview page of the youth squad.

The youth squad can play in a league and cups just like the senior squad. Your youth squad will also have its own vifa-ranking and points.

By having a a youth squad you will be able to have an additional 20 players. These players have to be aged 23yrs or under. This gives you the possibility of giving play time to your young players that might not be good enough for your senior squad.

It is possible to move players that are 23 or under from youth squad to the senior squad, and vice versa. You can only move these players once every 14 days.

Players in the youth squad train separately from the senior squad, but use the same training facility. You can use the same trainer on the senior squad and the youth squad.

The youth squad has its own stadium which also needs upgrading and maintenance.