As in the real world, your club can find a sponsor. A sponsorship can give you extra income each season and who does not want that?
There are different sponsors to choose from, with different demands and outcome.

Some sponsors even have bonus amount, which you can choose to accept to get a higher payment from your agreement. You will need to mark the bonus amount to accept them. They are not automatically included in the agreement.

The sponsors will offer a base amount, which is affected by the following, among other things:

  • Amount of supporters
  • Stadium capacity

Sponsor demands
Sponsors have different demands that must be met in order to receive the full amount. If they are not met, you pay a fine, which is deducted from the base amount.
The same applies if you do not meet the requirements for an offer at the start of the season because you have been relegated.

The base amount will be payed out in the beginning of the season, monday morning.
The bonus will always reduce the base amount, but in return you will get the possibility to earn extra credits if you meet the bonus demand. Bonuses are payed out when they are completed, throughout the season.

If none of the offers look good, you can reject them all and get new ones right away.
If you do, you cannot decline again until 24 hours have passed.

Time limits
To secure a sponsorship deal for the next season, you must have accepted an offer no later than Sunday at 13:00 GMT.
When the new season starts, you will be able to obtain offers again starting from Monday morning at 5:00 GMT.